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Grand View Rabbitry


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*The Bucks*

Brightside's X
This is a very nice little buck. He should do great in upcoming shows. Dam: GC IBB's X2C.


Brightside's Weylin
This buck is very nice, his wool is a little cottony, but it should be better after his senior molt. Sorry about the blur, new pic coming soon. The little bugger kept moving.


RHS's Little Bit.
Look at the head on this boy! He is one of my better bucks, his coat could be better. He's definetly a herd buck.


Brightside's Fabio
A very promising buck, just turned into a senior. His coat is to die for. I like to make fun of this little buck. He just lays around like he's so wonderful. Silly Boy.




Grand View Rabbitry
Milton, WI
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