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Grand View Rabbitry
My Pets*


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The Baby!!!!! This is our baby holland lop, Cinnamon. We got her for free because she has many faults. We had to get her once we saw her. look at those ears!!!! Cinnamon is accually my sister's first communion present but we all act like she's ours. She is the most spoiled of the barn, the little cutie.


Roxi. Our youngest pet. A pied pearl baby cockatiel female. Very sweet and loves to cuddle!!!


Trooper. Golden Retriever Our oldest pet. 11 years old. Very loyal, VERY LAZY.


Troy. Our fat Yellow Lab. He's very loyal and loves to follow me and mom everywhere. Sometimes it gets annoying, but other times, he's great!


Lilo. Our beautiful and rather mean pied pearl cockatiel. Whenever you get near him, he hisses. Sigh.


Grand View Rabbitry
Milton, WI
(608) 921-5650